Doodles on Your Website = more Business? Is that Possible?

Is it possible to have fun doodles on your website, that would attract more clients, and take your message out to many?

New Entrepreneur

Paul Zelizer is the Director of Social Media for Wisdom 2.0 ( as well as a coach for Spiritual Enterpreneurs. Wisdom 2.0 brings together companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many, many others to discuss how it’s possible to stay connected through technology but in an authentic way that is beneficial to our well-being.

Paul, was looking for some Fun doodles that would share his view that business isn’t always serious, and that adding the fun element would help entrepreneurs go much further in their businesses. The doodles did just that for his site (and you can see them here

Here in this video, Paul shares what the images have done for his website, for his clients and why he chose SanskritPony for this fun mission. 🙂

Charan Surdhar testimonial from Paul Zelizer on Vimeo.


There you have it,

Fun Doodles = Increased Fun Factor on your website = Your message gets out into the Universe. 😉

SanskritPony is here to help you take “Your Message Out Into the Universe….” 🙂


Business + Fun Doodling Videos = Viral Videos?



Business + Doodling Videos = Viral Videos, why and how?

Doodling used to be considered to be part of “daydreaming”, “loosing focus” and “doing nothing”. So it really feels odd to put doodling and business together in the minds of many. And so why would anyone want to create a video that wasn’t serious, because it would reflect to the world that the business was “daydreaming” or “not serious”.

Doodling is a very powerful tool. It engages the brain on many levels. We are very used to verbal language as being the main way to communicate information. But we take in information on four levels, auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and reading and writing. To engage an audience it is important to engage two of those modalities, or couple one of those with a strong emotion. With a video such as this, you are engaging more then two modalities and possibly an emotion too! This allows for deep information processing!

So there you have it! This form of video is great to get your business message out there on a deep level, and in a fun way, and that definitely leads to a viral video.

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– even if you would like doodles for your website to share your message, I can do that for you too. Check out what I did for Paul Zelizer. 🙂