About us



….was born as a result of hearing the passion in hearts of many people to share their unique message out into the world into a format that felt right for them.

Charan and Paul, the creators behind, SanskritPony, just love taking SanskritPony out for a ride into the Universe with the ♡ message from your heart.

Charan Surdhar ~ Stick Figure and Video Production

Everything you see in the video is what Charan puts together. Creating the scripts, choosing which format of video it needs to go in, animation, doing the narration and then putting the whole video together.
All ponylicious stick figures are born through Charan, she just can’t help but draw them.

Charan is also an epigeneticist – a scientist that helps others have positive gene expression by releasing emotions, beliefs and perceptions. For more about her other work go here, Charan Surdhar.

Paul Gagliardi ~ Ponylicious Music Production

Paul is the musician who creates the music specifically to each video, in a unique way, to allow each message to have it’s own feel. He has a sense of exactly what is needed and it comes through him in such a beautiful way.
All music and choreography for the videos done up till now have been done by Paul. Each one has had a unique character and personal touch, that helps the video go out there and touch so many people.


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