Your Video



Here are the four steps that will help you to understand how you can have your own ponylicious video.


If you want to express your heart message using just stick figures, without a video, as I have done here, for Paul Zelizer, who wanted to share a unique message, I can do that for you too! 🙂
What else is possible…. 🙂


Four Steps to a Ponylicious Video



The script is a vital first step to creating your video. You can either write this, or if you can’t, don’t worry we can help you do this. The length of your script depends on how long you want your video to be. Once script is finalised then we can go to step two.


Still or Animated:

Next, think of what kind of video you want. Do you want it made up of still pictures, moving video, or an animated video? For animated videos, I draw some fun stick figures to help you share your message from your heart.



For each video you decide if you want a voice over or music or both. We create a specific type of music to suit your message allowing it to reach many more people in the universe. If you want both, we record the voice professionally and put it together with the music, to create a smooth audio.


Ready to Go:

Once all the steps have been completed, we put together the video for you, creating a powerful and ponylicious video, that can help you take the message from your heart out into the universe. 🙂 Turn around time depends on which kind of video you choose.


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